Fagioli considered dreams to be thoughts through images. Non-conscious thoughts that, once comprehended, can lead to human beings achieving greater fulfilment. Fundamental is the distinction between frustration and aggression, identity and identification, desire and greed, indifference and the lack of affectivity, refusal and negation, alienation outside oneself and projection, memory-fantasy and conscious recollection, recreation and regression-repetition.

Death instinct and knowledge is the bedrock of Massimo Fagioli’s Human Birth Theory. It was first published in 1972 by Armado Editore. The book’s latest Italian edition was published in 2017, by L’asino d’oro edizioni, with the first English edition becoming available in 2019. Throughout the years, and the several Italian editions, fourteen so far, the contents of the book have never been changed, which testifies the coherence and solidity of the Theory. However, a new image has been chosen for the book’s more recent covers, and new forwards added. In there, the author describes his continuous research and the success of the cure within Analisi collettiva [large group analysis]

On the book’s back cover, one can read, ‘With decades of Analisi collettiva, verbal thought has become richer and more extended. The ‘vision’ of human birth has now been realized with fifteen words that define the non-material reality that has always been said to be unknowable.

Reaction, pulsion, vitality, creation, existence, time, capability to imagine.

Strength, movement, sound, memory, certainty that a breast exists.

Human Birth Theory is the foundation of the psychotherapeutic approach carried out by a large number of psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists and, at the same time, a precious interpretation tool to nurture a new vision of the world and of human beings, in all domains of knowledge, education, politics, science and society, to give rise to new anthropology.

Massimo Fagioli Copertina Istinto di morte e econoscenza


Death instinct and knowledge, first English edition, 2019, L’Asino d’oro edizioni


copertine-istinto di morte e conoscenza

Detah instinct and knowledge

Fourteenth edition may 2017

Thirteenth edition april 2010

Twelfth edition  april 2007

Eleventh edition april 2005

Tenth edition july 2002

Ninth edition may 2000

Eighth edition june 1996

Seventh edition ocotber 1991

Sihth edition october 1986

Fifth edition july 1980

Fourth edition june 1978

Third edition november1977

Second edition april 1976

First edition january 1972


Presentations of the book Death instinct and knowledge on the occasion of the 14th edition in italian, and of the first translations in german, english, french.

14th edition – “Omaggio a Massimo”
Salone del libro di Torino may 2017

Prima german edition 
Leipzig march 2011

First english edition
Salone del libro di Torino april 2019 

First french edition
L’Asino d’oro edizioni february 2022