Freedom, Equality, Fraternity and Transformation. Four words for a new cultural and political practice of the left


Massimo Fagioli’s meeting/debate with the politics and culture of the left wing waslong and complex starting from the resistance and the help given to the partisans when he was a teenager. It evolved between the ‘80s and ‘90s to reach, between the years 2006 and 2017, the well-established collaboration with the weekly magazine LEFT. Over a period of forty years, the idea/need to radically refound a new left wing thinking based on the Human Birth Theory has repeatedly emerged as well as in the history of the “collective analysis”.

The group IDEAS FOR A NEW LEFT WING, born within the Laboratory “Politics,Culture, Science and Society”, stimulated by the challenges imposed by the currentevents (on several occasions), intends to face the cultural and political foundations of the left wing building on the thought of Massimo Fagioli and taking as guidelines,for an initial research, the four words: “Freedom, Equality Fraternity and Transformation” of the acronym LeftThe left wing has suffered for decades from an irreversible crisis because it isincapable of elaborating new and original ideas that lacked in Marxist humanism and its epigones. New ideas on human reality, freedom, equality, history, alienation, beyond the basic needs for survival, the high road to recreate a thought on the leftwing that recovers that irrational thought in which lies the identity of man, his freedom, his equality, his sociality, his fantasy, his origin. With these premises, it will bring to the attention of the Conference a historical/theoretical research of the four words to highlight the problems that have prevented the idea of a full human emancipation within the left wing, from the Enlightenment to our days.


It is a constant for the right wing thought and, very often for the conventional thought, to refer to the proposition “homo homini lupus” meaning absence of “fraternity” in the human beings, a lack based on an inborn violence. On the other hand, the left wing states that fraternity is an objective that will beachieved only after having abolished the exploitation of man-by-man. Finally, religion seized this word depriving it of any human sense. The Human Birth Theory restores the deepest sense of the word fraternity, as an implicit result of the human birth, telling us of a genuine and original sociality of the mankind.



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