Podcast: Mental Health and Prevention


In this poster we will present the project of a podcast dealing with the prevention of mental illnesses in Italy, Belgium and England and especially in environments most frequented by young people. We willadopt the point of view of teenagers tackling with psychological issues and interrogate them on the response institutions give to their needs, in a moment of undoubted evolution in this field. The podcast will be proposed as a content to radio and podcast platforms. Such a project will thus need the involvement of passionate people and a financial support. The poster is therefore aimed at finding technical, artistic and scientific collaborators who will want todesign a project. It is also aimed at finding people wanting to be intervewed and sponsors.

The testimonies of the teenagers will be collected using the methodology used in the podcast Lecoeur sur la table, whose interviews are the result of “talking circles”, so to say, moments of discussion proposed to volunteers and guided by a mediator, with a specific methodology: no interruption while the other is speaking ; only speaking in the first person is allowed; no advice giving, etc. (Steinem G., 1919). We will start from here to do other individual interviews with the participants. Each episode will deal with a theme, and some characters will cross all the episodes. Interviews with psychologists belonging to different schools of thought will be integrated into the whole. Beginning of the script: Alice is 30 years old, lives in Rome, and while she is back home in Belgium for the Christmas vacations, in 2022, she sees Stromae (famous Belgian singer), interviewed after 7 years of absence, on TV news. To a question about his mental illness he answers by singing live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGmH_V18zxQ (06:45 min). He evokes his own suicidal thoughts and the loneliness that he, like many other, encountered in having to deal with them. Could it be an attempt to bring the issue into public debate? Something has undoubtedly changed since Alice was in high school in Belgium. That’s when Alice remembers the years of high school and some stories: those who were already addicted to drugs, who suffered from a pathological “shyness” or who, a little rebellious, butcheerful and sensitive, comited suicide. The absence in the public space of any sign of prevention already seemed absurd to her in a country with such high suicide rates. Alice decides to start questioning Belgian friends in their thirties, but also those from Rome and London, about their memories of the time.

A dialogue then begins between the young people of the past and those of today. This dialogue will be alternated with interviews to specialists and will allow to analyze the situation from the point of view of different schools of thought, triggering a fertile debate (eg: DSA, a sign to keep an eye on for prevention? How to make the psychological permanence of the school really useful? Ecc.) (ASL Roma 1, Patrick McGorry) Psychologists who follow the theory of birth and work in schools have already shown interest incollaborating.


Current team members:

Alizé Van Reeth: Director, screenwriter.
Marianovella Bucelli: Consultant (Radio Tre).
Ophélie Pruvost, Lucie Martin, Federica Bianchi: interviews and mediation in circles in Italy andBelgium.


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